Saturday, January 10, 2009

Historic floods

Our beautiful Snohomish river went over it's banks last Thursday, closing hwy9 and many other roads, it's incredible to see it! We ventured out this morning and took these pics, which the river has actually receeded since a few days ago. Roads are still closed.

The kids are on the road that goes through "the Valley" to our beautiful quaint town!

The waters cover lush green farm fields, nurseries and produce stands, and the driving range!

Right by the shops, notice the tree logs up on the picnic tables. On Thursday the water was over all the grass.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So, I went to a MOPS group back in October and the craft that day was to make a chalkboard, very easy (which I like). What to do with it?? I came up with the idea to put a Bible verse each week for the kids to memorize, and me too!! It works perfect, we see it every day as we sit down to eat. The verses pertain to the kids like something they need to work on. :-)

The twins are back...

after almost 3 weeks without them (since it was Christmas break). They returned on Monday...happy, content, cute, more teeth and more hair! :-) And eating homemade baby food which Gracie kicks with glee, and Anna clenches her mouth shut!

Annabel LOVES the jumpster way more than Gracie.

Gracie is now crawling all over, exploring everything, touching, playing, picking things up and putting in mouth. I really need to keep my floors clean!!

Grocery bags, I know, not very safe, but she loves the crinkly sound.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My crazzzzy week!

My week started out kinda's a rundown...

  • Mady got the flu, then Phil, then Tori.
  • I watched my friends' 2 kids Mon-Wed.
  • We stayed home a lot, and too cold to play outside.
  • I cleaned/scrubed the fridge/freezer.
  • Cleaned and organized all 3 kid's bedrooms.
  • Got completely caught up on laundry (only lasted a few days, then I was back at it).
  • Put away Christmas decorations, took down tree! Feels sooo good to get the Christmas stuff outa here.
  • Let the kids build AND keep up for 3 days a fort that covered the WHOLE living room.
  • Did some small puzzles. :-)
  • Did meal planning for the week, went to Costco and grocery store, bank, paid bills, went through papers, organized my desk, cleaned the kitchen.
  • Went shopping at the mall and bought some WONDERFUL new flannel sheets...160.00 regular price, on sale for 65.00, then 10% off, then used a gift card, then used money my mom gave me for Christmas, so they were virtually free!! I love that!!
  • The week ended with Mady loosing her first tooth, finally!! It's been loose for months, and today Connor bumped it while rough-housing, it became really loose and right before bed I told Mady to pinch it, she did and it came out!
The tooth fairy pillow.

Love a clean fridge!