Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All because two people fell in LOVE....

We just returned home from a trip to Colorado for our dear niece's wedding! Shawna FINALLY found her man and they had a BEAUTIFUL wedding! We had so much fun...we stayed with Roger and Joyce, visited the Air Force Academy, had car problems, borrowed a car, did some swimming, celebrated Tori and Laurel Joy's birthdays, had lunch with Shawna and Ben, went to rehearsal and BBQ afterwards, and danced the night away at the reception!! Our girls were flower girls along with their cousin.

Mady, Laurel Joy and Tori did a great job!

Shawna with her dad.
Connor waiting patiently for the wedding to begin.

I caught Mady under the table peeking in the gifts!!

Tori dancing with cousin Luke.

The cake was placed on a tree stump, decorated with aspen leaves.
The theme was fall with very natural and organic elements. I loved it!!

Passed down to the next generation,
Luke and Joshua decorating the get-away car!

At the reception.

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